Psychology, Therapy and Meditation

Check this interview at The Hour to Empower, Vaughan radio, to know more about psychotherapy, meditation and much much more with Luis de San Simón.

Inspire yourself listening this interview about meditation, Therapy and much much more with Luis de San Simón


There are inner and outer spaces in which we live. Some are physical some are psychological and they all have a profound impact on us. Some of them can be hurting and some can carry us to joy and growth. The Present is a Creative Space which can include other spaces, transform them and help us relate with them in different ways.

Therapy combined with meditation can help to stop, and rethink where you are going and where you really want to go. While releasing what we don´t need anymore.

Wether you want to work on your personal or professional goals or feeling psychological issues as:

  • Depression.
  • Anxiety and fear.
  • Dependency.
  • Troubles in relations.
  • problems in the workplace.
  • Adapting to new circumstances.
  • Grieve,
  • or just wanting to feel ok with yourself,

The creative space, occurs in therapy and meditation with Luis de San Simón. It can help us deal with the different problems to create new solutions. and to work together on the creation of new consciousness that can lead us to grow, create and improve our circumstances and how we deal with them.

About Luis…

Luis de San Simón is psychologist and psychotherapist. He practices therapy with meditation at the Therapy Institute in Madrid, Centro Alcalá 117, presently and on line. He is also teacher at Universities and public and private organizations. He leads personal growth workshops and meditation workshops. He also trains in the use of meditation and the creative space to people who want to include meditation as a regular practice and to other psychologists that want to include meditation in their professional practice. Luis is also a diversity manager and mediator.

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